Whether it's a day off, or it's a lifestyle.. we all have those days where it's just necessary to be a couch potato. According to a study done by Estately.com, some states are way more lazy than others. The study took all of the classic lazy person hobbies such as watching tv, fast food restaurants, exercise habits and more.

Here is what the study entailed: 
– Which state watches the most tv.

– Percentage of Facebook users in each state expressing interest in daytime soap operas.

– Percentage who do NOT exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times per week.

– State with the most Laz-E-Boy retailers per capita.

– Most fast food restaurants per capita.

– States with highest obesity rate.

– The state with the most employed people working the fewest hours per day.

– State with the most video game rental-related Google searches.

– State with the most Google searches related to “frozen pizza”

According to the study, Hawaii rates #50, meaning Hawaii is the LEAST lazy state in the country! 

To see details from the study click here.