House Staging Tips

Tips on staging your house for sale

If you are getting ready to sell your home, it goes without saying that you want it to sell as fast as possible, especially if you already have another home in mind.

Staging your home correctly can help your house sell that much faster. Nobody wants their house on the market for a year, let alone miss the peak selling season. If you have an exceptional house with poor staging, it can and in most cases WILL stay on the market.

Here are some tips for staging your house:


Boosting your curb appeal is crucial. It is your FIRST Impression. Some people will drive by before a showing to make a decision if they want to see it or not based on the curb appeal. Here are some things you can do to Boost curb appeal:

      • Powerwash the outside of the house, driveway and sidewalks.

      • Wash the windows, repair any broken lights, or items

      • Hang clear, easy to see house numbers

      • Add a fresh coat of paint to trim or gutters

      • Always have the lawn mowed and ready to show

      • Plant some blooming plants and flowers

      • Pick up dog poop (I know tedious but essential)


Yes, I know we all hate to clean, but you are selling your home! Clean the house as if your in-laws where coming to visit, then take it two levels further! You never know when a real estate agent is going to call you with a showing. There is no “quick, lets throw it in the closet” here, because most buyers want to see how big the closets are! We used to tell our buyers “Have your house SHOW READY at ALL times”

And if you know a showing is coming, wash the windows, and shine the floors, this is not a time to skimp! Make sure to clean your window sills and bathroom corners! Every inch!


It is very hard to see the house for what it is when you have clutter everywhere. I have two small kids, and with that comes a ton of toys and crap! But when we sold our house, I put 90% of the toys in boxes and into storage. It was also a great teaching moment for my kids, when they got a new toy out, to put away the other one.

You may LOVE your Huge couch that has your impression in it from the past 10 years, but if it takes up most of the living room, PUT IT IN STORAGE! You can go uncomfortable for a little bit if it means selling your house! Big furniture shrinks a room, do not be afraid to get offsite storage while your house in on the market, it can help you sell faster for more money!

Your kitchen counter should not have ALL your cooking devices! Again, no matter how often you use your KitchenAid mixer, it takes up valuable counter space. Your counters should be clear. Go through your kitchen and closets and box up stuff you haven’t used or worn in a while.


You may love the “Mid-Century Modern” style , but if it is a distinct style, it may turn off a buyer. You may love that Bright Orange color in the kitchen, or your favorite sports team colors in the family room. But what if the buyer loves another team? What if they see that wall paper you loved and couldn’t live without, but they can’t live with? What a buyer sees is immediate work they have to put into the house and that can affect the offer price.

Use Neutral colors, good earth tones, not sanitary white throughout! There are good resources out there, I will link what types of colors to use at the end of this.


This one may hit a nerve and not every real estate agent will agree, but I am going off of my personal experience. I ask all of my sellers to take down all personal pictures and replace with decorative ones. I have seen too many people (including myself and my wife) walk into a house, see a picture of the family, and say “Hey I know them but can’t remember from where” and the rest of the showing they are trying to figure out where they know that family from instead of really “seeing” the house.


Now I am not a professional stager by any means, and you do not have to be.  Just make it appealing to the buyers. Place a bowl of “FRESH” fruit on the counter or centerpiece for the table, go pick out some nice little vases, you can find great deals at Ross and Ben Franklin. Move the furniture away from the walls.

Hang your pictures at eye level not high on the wall. If you cannot afford new cabinets in the kitchen, sand them down and paint them (if they need it).

Again, you might have to be willing to go without some things and make some sacrifices, but if it helps you sell your house faster and for more money isn’t it worth the small, short term sacrifices?

All in all, just try to make your house feel welcoming and warm.

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