Mayor Billy Kenoi released an amended budget that ups the spending and adds 30 new positions. The proposed budget is $438.8 million which is $4 million higher than the proposed budget from earlier in the year.

The new proposed budget adds 30 new positions that will focus on increasing the efficiency of the permitting system set in place, also improving the wait times for obtaining permits.

Additional spending will be added in the Public Works Departments as well as the Fire and Environmental Management to improve the efficiency of inspections, ensuring permits are distributed in a more timely fashion.

The new budget proposal allows $904,000 to be allocated to improvements in the Mass Transit system and $250,000 to be allocated to focus on invasive species.

$81.7 million in improvements to the wastewater systems as well as improving and repairing roads, improving transfer stations and improving the South Kona Police Station.

The council has the opportunity to amend the budget by June 30. If there is no amendment, the mayor's budget will go into effect on July 1.