Mayor Billy Kenoi has racked up personal charges on his county-issued card and has paid back $22,292.81 for these personal charges. Some of the charges included a $1,219 surfboard, sportswear, restaurant tabs, gasoline and more. In a recent newspaper story, records released that Kenoi used his county issued card to charge $892 at a hostess bar in Honolulu.

In a recent article published by Hawaii Tribune Herald, Billy Kenoi had stated “There are no excuses or justification for poor judgement. It's on me. I expect and demand the best of myself and those around me. Clearly I need to do a better job of meeting those expectations. I would like to apologize to those whom I've disappointed and would continue to work every day to earn back your support and trust.”

At this point it is unknown as to why the mayor chose to charge these personal transactions on his county-issued credit card.