A special meeting to discuss the management of Mauna Kea will take place tomorrow (Thurs. April 16) at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. The Board of Regents at the University of Hawaii, Hilo will be meeting at 11:30am in UCB 127 at UH Hilo.

recent article on the University of Hawaii, Hilo's website states:

…Written testimony on the agenda items is accepted upon posting of the Agenda up to 24 hours in advance of the meeting time by hand-delivery or U.S. mail to the Board Office, or email to [email protected], and provided to the Board before the meeting. Late written testimony will be made available to the Board within 24 hours of receipt. All public meetings also provide a Public Comment Period for persons who wish to orally testify on agenda items. Testifiers are asked to sign in at the meeting and limit testimony to three (3) minutes.

The meeting begins at 8:30am, followed by the 11:30 meeting focused on Mauna Kea.