This is a Hurricane information update for Saturday August 8th at 6:15AM.

The National Weather Service is currently tracking Hurricane Hilda as it continues to develop east of Hawaii.  As of 5:00 AM this morning, Hurricane Hilda was located approximately 950 miles east/southeast of Hilo and moving in a west direction at 15 miles per hour.

Currently, Hilda has sustained winds of 115 miles per hour with higher gusts.  No watches or warnings are in effect at this time and the Civil Defense Agency will be maintaining close communication with the National Weather Service and monitoring the system.

As has been seen with previous storms and hurricanes, forecasting the likely outcomes with absolute accuracy is very difficult.  The National Weather Service works very hard to model and forecast the possible outcomes and provide everyone with the latest information on threats and hazardous conditions.  We encourage everyone to continue to plan and prepare early for possible storm impacts and to monitor your local radio broadcasts for additional updates.

We are in the thick of hurricane season. Be sure that your family and home are safe in the event of a dangerous hurricane. View our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist today.