How to choose a good quality supplement

With thousands of nutritional supplements available, choosing the best supplements to take can be overwhelming. Unfortunately the quality of most over the counter supplements is compromised, and they don’t actually contain what the bottle advertises. Studies have found that supplements sold in grocery stores, Costco, or pharmacies are largely made up of fillers. Supplement quality is extremely important for many reasons, such as:

  • Safety: it is important that the supplement you are taking has certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP will be on the label if so), tested for purity and is devoid of mercury or other heavy metals/pollutants, is of pure therapeutic grade, and pass many additional checks and balances to ensure high quality.
  • Efficacy: often times the wrong form of a vitamin or herb is used or it is a synthetic form that isn’t well utilized by the body. For one to receive the maximum health benefits of a supplement, it has to be standardized using the most medicinally therapeutic part of a plant and at a studied and safe dose. This is why many are quick to think supplements “don’t work.”

It is best to work with a naturopathic doctor or other licensed professional that is qualified to make medically appropriate and personalized recommendations regarding supplements. Even though vitamins may seem healthy, that general statement doesn’t apply to everyone. There may be drug/herb/vitamin interactions and/or contraindications with certain medical conditions.

For more information or questions, contact Dr. Kristina Roberts, naturopathic physician at Lokahi Health Center, at 808-329-2114 or [email protected]