Did you know that if overheated, even the healthiest of oils can turn (very) bad? It is important to be aware of the smoke points of certain oils and which to use for cooking to avoid consuming unwanted and unhealthy trans fats.

When buying oils, it is important to get unrefined, cold-pressed oils. The best oils for cooking are those with high smoke points, with avocado oil (smoke point of 520°) and ghee (clarified butter, smoke point of 480°)being the highest. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil should not be heated past 325-350°.

For more information about smoke points, go to: http://www.veghealth.com/nutrition-tables/Smoke-Points-of-Oils-table.pdf.

A great site with many options for buying organic & delicious extra virgin olive oil: http://oliveoillovers.com/extra-virgin-olive-oil/. Remember, healthy fats are absolutely essential to a healthy diet, brain, mood, and much more. The old myth that fat makes you fat couldn't be farther from the truth; sugar & carbohydrates are the dietary scapegoat there!

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