Please join us in congratulating our 2016 Scholarship Winners!  Below is a snippet of their essays.  A huge Mahalo goes out to our scholarship sponsors Aiona Car Sales, Backyard Monkey, and Lex Brodies Tires, without their support these scholarships would not be possible!


Autumn K-Aloha ~ “My philosophy of education is that the youth or next generation is the future. To create the future into something you would like to see, you must teach the next generation the skills and qualities they need to possess. One thing I learned from my mentor is that those who have the passion and compassion for the students are teachers, the rest are just workers in a school. She taught me that teaching is much more than handing out tests and correcting papers, but rather planning preparing lessons or activities that will help each child learn. The students in third grade taught me that there would always be that love for learning in elementary. Having that love allows a teacher like myself to fill as much knowledge into their heads as possible. “

crystalCrystal-Lynn Baysa ~ “If there aren’t people in this world who are willing to get their hands in the dirt and hike through thick forests to manage these resources, then we would lose important components in the ecosystem and breath-taking landscapes for people to enjoy. I hope that one day, after graduating, I will be able to show my own children a Hawaiʻi that is even more beautiful than the one we live in today. In school I was always told that I should leave a place better than I found it by cleaning it up, so if I can continue this teaching throughout my life then I’ll be on the right track to making these islands a better place for residents and visitors alike.” 


Tiani L. Castaneda-Naboa ~ (Not Pictured) “The ocean and its marine life have always had a great impact upon my life. Since the third grade, I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. I pictured myself diving into the blue, looking at the colorful coral reefs’ and marine life that co-existed along with them. I’d picture myself holding a special clipboard with data of drawings and numbers. The image of me in my future career, doing what I absolutely loved, had imprinted my brain, knowing that that was my American dream. And I told myself that if I wanted it, I would work hard for it.”