Rule changes are now in effect that prohibit and deter the transport and release of introduced wildlife in Hawaii. Introduced species can impact Hawaii’s ecosystems and economy by introducing harmful predation and competition to indigenous species, damaging watersheds, spreading pathogens and diseases, and harming agriculture.

“The movement of live, introduced wildlife such as was experienced in YEAR with discovery of deer on Hawaii island, poses direct threats to our native ecosystems, and the amendments made to this chapter will help prevent harm to our natural resources and economy,” said Suzanne Case DLNR interim chairperson.

Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 13, Subtitle 5, Part 2, Chapter 124, “Indigenous Wildlife, Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, Injurious Wildlife, Introduced Wild Birds, and Introduced Wildlife,” took effect on February 27, 2015.

The rules as amended provide significant penalties for the unlawful release of injurious and introduced wildlife including fines of up to $25,000 and seizure of any property or natural resource that was used to commit the violation. These properties can include but are not limited to any vehicles, aircraft, vessels, instruments, business records, or equipment that was used to further the violation.

The public can download and view the amended HAR § 13-124 at

For more information, the public may contact Patrick Chee at (808)587-4191 or [email protected]