A DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement Officer (DOCARE), on routine patrol Sunday morning, cited a Windward Oahu resident for having dozens of undersized fish. This resulted in not only the fish being confiscated for evidence, but also the fisher’s 16-foot skiff and 3500 feet of net.

The officer, patrolling Keehi Small Boat Harbor, spotted the boat as it was coming into dock. It passed by the dock and later returned, at which time the officer investigated and cited the commercial fisherman.

Jason Redulla, DOCARE Acting Chief said, “We continue to have a strong enforcement approach toward anyone who catches fish illegally, whether it be by unpermitted methods, taking more fish than allowed, or possessing undersized or out-of-season fish. All of our officers are on the lookout for these types of violations and not only will fishers get a citation, but their equipment is likely to be taken into evidence.”

If convicted of this petty misdemeanor, the man faces a $500 fine and up to one year in jail.