The Mauna Kea access road has been closed on and off over the past few weeks due to heavy snow fall, icy roads and strong winds. The crews on Mauna Kea have been working hard attempting to clear the large amounts of snow from the summit areas, but the road closure is still set in place to start out the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, on Wed. March 11, the state of Hawaii was the only state in the entire country that was in a blizzard watch. It is not uncommon to have snow fall on the top of Mauna Kea this late in the year, but this amount of snow this late in the year is defiantly a site to see.  If you are interested in visiting the Mauna Kea Summit, we encourage you to call the Mauna Kea Visitors Station to check road conditions at (808) 961-2180. Please note, the Visitor Center conducts stargazing programs and other events even when the road to the summit is closed. The Visitor Center is open  9 am to 10 pm.