A strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck off eastern Indonesia near Halmahera on Wednesday. So far there are no reports of injuries and no tsunami warning was issued.

Magnitude: 6.6 mwp

Location: 1.658°N 126/523°E

Depth: 41.73 km

Origin Time: 2015-03-17 22:12:28.850

Number of Phases: 128

Minimum Distance: 135.59 km (1.22°)

Travel Time Residual 1.52 sec

Azimuthal Gap: 28°

FE Region: Molucca Sea (266)

What is an earthquake?

Earthquake is a natural phenomena producing ground shaking by a sudden energy release inside the earth's crust. When the accumulated elastic strain energy is sufficiently large enough to exceed the friction resistance of tectonic plate interfaces, the slip then occurrs and is followed by dissipation of seismic waves causing an earthquake.

Indonesia is considered as one of the zones the most prone to earthquakes. This is due to its position at the boundary of 3 major tectonic plates : Indian-Australian, Eurasian and Pacific. The plate boundaries are found under the sea. Hence, any large and shallow earthquake generated from this zone may potential to generate tsunami. These situations therefore classify Indonesia into one of the most prone region to tsunami.

Source: inatews.bmkg.go.id