#1 The Food

We're stoked that ‘fast food' in Hawaii means so much more than a greasy burger. There's something about smoked, moist meat, topped with a perfectly cooked egg, all over 2 scoops rice then smothered in homemade gravy that can make all your problems melt away. Not to mention a healthy scoop of mac salad. Here, you enjoy a whole plate lunch that's so big, even people with huge appetites are fully satisfied.

#2 Slippahs – All Day Every Day

No need to feel bad about wearing dressy business clothes paired with your slippers (sandles). No judging here.

#3 The ‘Seasons' – even though it's not your typical season-change

As far as we're concerned, whale watching season is cooler than winter. You often hear people say, “I would love to live in Hawaii, but I would miss the season change too much”. Well… guess what? We get plenty seasons! Whale watching season and rainy season!

#4 – Free Entertainment

Sure, things are expensive in Hawaii. But one of the greatest parts about living in Hawaii is that entertainment comes easy, inexpensive and beautiful. There's plenty of secret spots on the Big Island to explore that cost nothing, and the view isn't too bad either!

#5 – Abundance

Bananas, papayas, dragon fruit, lillikoi, coconuts-  that's just to name a few of the delicious, nutritious, tropical fruits that grow abundantly on the Hawaiian Islands.

#6 – Pretty Much Perfect Weather

81 and sunny on the daily!

#7 – The Pace




Just go with the flow brah!

#8 – It's easy, and fun to stay active.


Whether your hiking to a waterfall, surfing, swimming or snorkeling; it's easy, epic and again, inexpensive to stay active.

#9 – Friendly Drivers

Traffic and angry drivers are a big complaint in big cities. (For the most part) driving in Hawaii is usually a breeze, and chances are if you meet another driver at a stop sign, they will probably wave you to go first.

#10 – The Aloha Spirit

The Aloha Spirit is alive and well on the Big Island of Hawai'i, so lose the worries, bust out the shaka, grab your ohana, hit up the beach and remember how blessed we are to live In Big Island.

Did we miss something? Comment below what YOU think is the best part about living in Hawaii.