Diet vs Detox

I know New Year’s means resolutions for many and if losing a few pounds or getting healthier is one of your resolutions then this is for you. So many diet “aids” to choose from and seem to only lighten your wallet!  Dieting is calorie suppression which always backfires, even with will power of superman it is not feasible or healthy to maintain. Usually diets involve packaged foods, that means genetically modified and/or food like substances that have artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. Even the diets recommended by medical professionals or the dietary guidelines for Americans as proposed by the USDA are antiquated and “need further studies”.  Let’s not even begin to talk about Diet dogmas… I support whole real foods.

So let’s look at why would I consider a yearly (or even better, twice a year) detox? I have heard statements like why detox, that’s what my liver is for!? We do have several pathways to eliminate toxins: gastro-intestinal tract, lungs, skin, liver/ gallbladder, kidneys, and the lymphatic system. But living in a toxic world, we need a little help sometimes. According to your toxin burden. Toxin burden is simply the amount of toxins coming in minus what the body is able to eliminate. Everybody’s toxic burden is different, depending on your body’s clear (or sluggish) elimination pathways.   My example is a cars air filter: if you live where pollution is 200x’s greater, you will need to regularly maintain your air filter and change it more often. Detoxing is cleansing your body, a regularly scheduled maintenance so it can do what it naturally does.

Toxic exposure: where toxins hide

Here are several examples

  1. Heavy Metals: Mercury is a big one, found in the silver fillings. Mercury displaces minerals in the body and is an endocrine disruptor, this means it can wreak havoc with your hormones.
  2. Opportunistic: bacteria, viruses, fungus, candidia, micotoxins. These are always in the body and our immune system keeps them under check. So…if we take an antibiotic it can allow one of these opportunistics to grow and take over. If you already have a toxic burden (like heavy metals), then these opportunistic are more likely to make us sick.
  3. Organic Pollutants: Big example is pesticides. The role of fat deposits is to trap organic toxins. They accumulate until the body can eliminate, since they are on the back burner, they are difficult to release without some help.
  4. Food Toxins: Besides packaged food being stripped of its fiber and nutrients, it is often irradiated, added nitrates or nitrites and genetically modified. Genetically modified food can disrupt how our body naturally processes and eliminate it.
  5. Energetic Toxins: Thing that we don’t see. We have seen how radio frequencies confuse bees and homing pigeons, our bodies are affected too. When we put away the energy the body can concentrate on cellular repair. This is especially true at night when the body does the greatest repairing.
  6. Emotional / Spiritual Toxins: We are spiritual beings and if we do not deal with stress, strong emotions and spiritual deficits it can show up in physical ways.
  7. Environmental toxins: You may think only those living in smog filled big cities have to worry about these, but you will be surprised. Toxins are all around us. Not just the obvious car exhaust, beauty salon chemicals, smoking and second hand smoke. There is off gassing of plastic bottles, carpet, office copy machines, and treated lumber. Teflon cookware. Deodorants and antacids are made with heavy metal. Cleaning supplies and laundry cleaning products have known cancer causing chemicals meant to put next to our skin. That smell at the gas pump. Dust inhaled in construction areas or by those who farm. Municipal water supply has chemicals added, most ground water has drug residues. Ok…this list could go on, and on. These are just a few examples of the many ways we are bombarded by toxins daily…our body must deal with.


How to detoxify your body

Remember that toxic burden we mentioned? Each of us have a different things hitting us, but all of us can cut some things out for a short period of time in order to allow body healing. I for one, as an example, will be moving all electronics out of my bedroom. The phone will be charging away from the head of the bed.

First thing is to remove as many daily toxic offenders as possible. Heavy metal that is hidden in the body may need another post, but start with removing the heavy metals that you may be adding to your toxic load daily, like deodorants and antacids.  Eat veggies that are organic and non-GMO. Avoid processed foods that have been stripped of nutrients or have added chemicals to produce and preserve them. Don’t use Teflon. Simply, give your body a break from toxins.

Secondly give your pathways a natural boost so it can do its job. Those pathways to eliminate toxins: gastro-intestinal tract, lungs, skin, liver/ gallbladder, kidneys, and the lymphatic system…need little help too. Eating good veggies and fruits in smoothies gives your digestive tract a little break so it can spend more time on eliminating those toxins. Raw foods also have their own enzymes that help us digest them. Stay away from hybrid grains and those containing gluten. Avoid the most common allergens (egg, nut, dairy).  Avoid sugar because it is inflammatory and No artificial sweeteners.  Avoid alcohol to give your liver a break.  Add in healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive oil to keep things moving along the liver and gallbladder. Drink plenty of water and not adding extra salt will assist your kidneys. Dry brushing and rebounding helps lymphatic system move better. Eat, blend and juice as many green veggies as you can daily to ensure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.

These are just a few examples of where you can start when embarking on a detox. You may want to try a 3 day or are adventurous and want to join me on my New Year’s detox lasting the month of January. I'll be following Green Smoothie Girls 26 day detox. If you want more info or want to compare note feel free to contact me:

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