Ok so many people would say there is only 1 way to coupon I totally disagree and here is why.

When my mom was COUPONING she would  clip her coupons then head to the store buy the items and save. Now days we do a whole different way of COUPONING which Is  called “Stacking” basically stacking is using a store coupon on a manufacturer coupon to get the best deal. Dose that mean when you find a coupon you head to the store and use your coupon? No. The idea is buy things at its lowest price and stack a coupon on to the already  low price. Makes sense? With this technique you will be scoring items for under 1$ and lower.

Fun fact: Did you know there are 5 different ways to save at Target on 1 item?

1.Target coupon or mobile coupons

2.Manufacturer coupons

3. Cartwheels

4. Bring in your reusable bags

5. Red card

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