Obtain a written contract

Anytime you hire a contractor to do a project for you, you should have a written agreement.  The agreement ought to be not only clear but also concise consisting of what, who, where, when & the project cost. Prior to signing a contract, ensure that it has:

• An approximate start and the completion dates
• The obligation of the contractors to acquire the required permits
• Name, phone numbers, address and the license number of the contractor.
• The payment plan for the contractor, supplier, and the sub-contractor
• Method of handling change orders. This is a written down authority to a contractor for making changes or additions to the work that is described in the original contract which might affect the project schedule and the cost
• A complete list of every material such as product color, brand & size. If several materials are to be chosen later, the contract should indicate the person responsible for selecting every item and its budgeted money.
• Warranty information that covers the materials & workmanship having the address and names of the person that is honoring them, manufacturer or contractor.
• Any promise made amid the calls or conversations. In case they fail to remember you can pay extra charges
• A written down statement of the right of canceling the contract within 3 business days in case you signed it at home or some location apart from seller’s permanent business place. After hiring the contractor

Keep records

Keep every paperwork that is related your project all in one place. This comprises of:
• Change orders
• Contract copies
• Anything that is correspondent to your home’s improvement professionals
• A record of every payment. You might require receipts for purposes of tax

Maintain a journal of every phone call and other activities you can also take photos as the job progresses the records play an important role in case you encounter any problems during the project.

Pay wisely

Never, and I repeat…NEVER make the final payment unless you are satisfied. You can also be
required to ensure that the contractors and subcontractors have been paid. Protect yourself by simply asking a contractor for a lien release. Comprehend the limit of your final bill.

Comprehend how to withhold the payment in case you encounter problems with services charged to some credit card and made effort to solve the problem with the seller, you can contact the credit card organization to withhold that payment from your card issuer for services.

Utilize a sign-off checklist

Prior to signing off, ensure that:
• Every work meets the spelled-out standard in the contract
• Inspect & approve the completed work
• Proof that the subcontractors & contractors are paid
• Written warranties for workmanship & materials
• The site for the job is cleaned up

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