– Straightens wrists

– Strengthens arms

– Strengthens shoulders

– Promotes balance

– Opens the groin

– Stretches back

Step by Step:

1. Squat down with the feet slightly apart with your knees wider then your hips

2. Place your hands flat in front of you on the floor. Firm your fingers into the ground

3. Lift your hips high and bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle

4. With balance, place your knees on your upper arms. Hug your elbows in and round your upper back

5. Bring your weight forward, bringing the elbows straight over the wrists

6. Inhale, chest forward. Allow one foot to slowly come up, then when you feel comfortable and balanced slowly bring up the other foot.

7. Lift the heels up slowly as you find your balance and bring your big toes together.

8. Inhale in and out, keeping your balance. Come back to a squat position when you're ready to exit the pose.