Fierce Pose, also known as chair pose is a standing posture that brings strength to the whole body and mind. Not only will you feel stronger with practice but also more confident and grounded. When performed correctly, Utkaṭāsana is therapeutic for flat feet and strengthens the spine.

1. Begin in Tadāsana. 

2. With strong footing, bend your knees to sit back and down towards your imaginary chair. ( knees should be in line with second and third toes but not directly above them) Tilt the pelvis forward and continue to align the thighs parallel to the ground.

3.  Engage your low-belly, keep the chest lifted and bring your arms alongside the ears, shoulder width apart. If shoulders are tight bring the arms forward and slightly wider apart. Relax the shoulder blades down the back.

4. With palms facing, spread the fingers and reach towards the sky.

5. Keep your gaze forward with a relaxed face and jaw.

Hold Utkatāsana for 5-10 breaths. Every inhale should feel like the spine is lengthening and chest is broadening. Every exhale should engage the core muscles throughout the legs, abdominals, and back.

To release, straighten the legs and release the arms back to Tadāsana. 

May you feel fierce and free~

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