Tadāsana is a grounding pose that can be used at the very beginning of your practice. It is also the first pose to begin Surynamaskara A, the first of the sun salutation series. In this pose with eyes closed you can begin to meditate on greeting your day, your practice, and your intention.

1. Begin with feet together or hip-distance apart. Spread your toes into the earth and begin to lift the inner arches of your feet to engage your leg muscles.

2. Being careful not to hyperextend the knees, soften knees with a micro-bend.

3. Lift your low belly, bring your ribs in, and broaden your chest.

4. Relax your shoulders back, and bring the shoulder blades together. Let your hands rest by your sides.

5. With chin parallel to the earth, bring your ears in line with your shoulders.

With every inhale breath, root down through your feet and lengthen the spine through the crown of your head. With every exhale breath, pull your navel towards your spine, engaging your core and fully rinsing the breath.

Stay here for 10 full cycles of breath.

May you feel happiness and freedom~

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