Bhujangāsana, also known as cobra pose, is a heart opener and spine strengthener. This basic yoga pose is essential to practicing before any other backbend. For beginners, it is helpful to imagine a snake lifting its head, proud and stoic. Bhujangāsana, warms up the body and focuses the mind.

1. Begin lying on belly with forehead resting on ground.

2. Walk hands underneath your shoulders, spread fingers, and press the inner palms down  to lift the low-belly, chest and head away from the floor. Keep the elbows bent and broaden your chest by bringing  the shoulder blades together. Work towards bringing your shoulders over elbows and ears in line with shoulders.

3. Press pubis into floor, engage core and leg muscles to protect the lower back. The tops of your feet and toenails should also be firmly pressing back and down into the floor.

4. As you inhale , reach out through your toes and crown of the head, lengthening the whole back body. As you exhale, bring your navel in towards your spine.

5. Keep the hands, pubis, and tops of feet firmly rooted in to the ground.

6. Lower back down, leading with the heart, returning to a flat belly and forehead to ground.

Stay here for one full breath and repeat 5-10 times with steadiness and ease.

May you feel strong and confident~

Mahalo for reading yogis! Keep checking back for new poses and keep practicing the basics. Please feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] and find me on FaceBook:Wild One Yoga