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Brothers can be a pain…  No, I take that back;  They are a pain! So much that the universe has decided to bless me with an older one, and a younger one.  For more than 15 years, I have exchanged love, hate, hugs and hits with my two brothers, Makoa and Kalaʻi, so hereʻs a list of pros and cons on what it’s like growing up with just brothers:


  1. They got your back

In my house, itʻs an unspoken thing that my brothers always have my back, and itʻs an unspoken things that I have theirs. They say the things that you need to hear that no one else wants to tell you.  I was recently selected to an Olympic Development Team for water polo.  I remember telling my older brother how tough it was both physically and mentally.  All he said was, “Suck it up! You’ll be fine.”  Long story short, he was right.  I stuck it out until the end and I was fine.

  1. They make you tough

I donʻt know about you, but in my house, we had to fight for some things: last piece of pie, what channel was playing on the tv, etc.  And if you have brothers, then you know that itʻs not a verbal debate like girls have it; Itʻs full force, and winners win while losers cry to mom…

  1. You donʻt need to compete for best looks

I always tell my friends, “Iʻm so blessed to not have a sister because if I did, I would be the ugly one!”  Not that I’m saying that about myself but growing up with just brothers eliminates the possible chance of being THAT sister.

  1. I always seem like the innocent one

Boys just look more guilty than us girls, so growing up, I got away with some things.  I remember this one time my brother claimed that I drew his name on the wall.  I think I recall hearing, “Lahela wouldn’t do that!” But if I can really remember, I might have actually done that, and I think I wrote his name so my mom DID think it was him.  Sorry mom and thanks Kala’i for taking the blame.

5. They do most of the hard chores

I know not every household is like mines, but I know Iʻm truly lucky that I have two brothers when it comes to doing chores.  Iʻm not saying that women aren't capable of doing all chores, but for me, personally, I hate doing the outside chores, which is why I love that my brothers do those chores so that I donʻt need to.


  1. They stink!

I don’t mean this point as anything more literal.  You try sitting in a car after picking them up from a practice!  It’s like their scent is MELTING the car!  And sometimes when it’s raining in Hilo, you must pick between rolling the windows down to let the air circulate, or risk getting the inside of the car wet.  R.I.P.  to my nose…

  1. They NEVER keep your secrets

I remember this one time my younger brother, Kalaʻi, and I we’re playing with my dad’s golf clubs. Of course, we didn’t know what we were doing so I swung the club a little too high and I ended up whacking a pole and the club snapped in half. ☹ We instantly tried to hide it in the storage room, where my dad found it months later. Long story short, Kala’i told on me… Thanks bro…

  1. They always want to do what THEY like

My brothers are very into baseball so every bonding thing always involves a baseball.  When we were younger the only way to get us to do something outside was to play baseball, and of course I sucked at it, and quit…FAST!  Eventually they stopped asking me to play and only played with each other.  I think that’s when my parents needed to invest in a volleyball net to have a neutral sport that we all sucked at.

  1. People think they’re “cute”

I get it…  my brothers are around my age, they got good genes, but don’t tell me my brothers are handsome, cute, or adorable. That’s just gross.  I mean if they’re cute, then I must be cute, yet I’m not getting any compliments from you! You know who you are…  Just saying…

  1. They always got to be right

Every time, I argue with my brothers, they are always adamant that they are right!  If I notice them cheating when we’re playing a board game, they always try to convince me that those are the rules of the game.  How is a game of Battleship fair when they get to see my ships but I don’t get to see theirs?  Sorry, you can’t fool me!

All in all, my brothers are the most impactful people in my life.  They have shaped me into the person I am today with all of the memories we have built together in the back yard, play room, and car.  Although it was sort of by force, they were my first friends.  I know that no matter what, we will not only be bonded by family, but by love.

About The Author:
 Aloha, my name is Lahela Rosario and I am currently a senior student-athlete at Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i, Kea'au Campus.  My soul is primarily made up of salt water, tacos, and jokes.  I love to leave my footprints in the sand, and hope to leave my footprint on the world.  I blame every decision I make on the fact that I am an Aquarius.  As you're reading this, I'm probably hiking to new heights, falling off a surfboard, or simply EATING!  My articles are an exclusive experience of Hawai’i through my eyes…

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