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The Big Island has always been known for it's stunning waterfalls, lush rainforest and beautiful beaches.  But there is one part of the island that visitors may not be as familiar with.  Many of the places on this list are well known by locals around the island but a few of these places may surprise even the most seasoned residents on the island.  Mahalo to Kahuna Research Group for sharing this incredible information.  Here are the 52 Most Supernatural Places On Hawaii Island.

King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel – Local legend claims that the top floor of this hotel is haunted. People have reported hearing footsteps, chanting, and battle cries. Some even claim to see ancient Hawaiian warrior apparitions. The reason for this haunting seems lie in the fact that this area is where King Kamehameha lived out the end of his life. On the bottom floor of the hotel, in the gallery, there are a row of oil paintings, one being a rendering of Queen Liliuokalani. The unsmiling picture appears to breathe in and out while glaring; leading some to believe the painting itself is haunted.

Saddle Road – Saddle Road is known for its fair share of the supernatural. Similar to Oahu’s “Pork over the Pali” story, legend says if you carry pork over Saddle Road, now called Daniel K. Inouye Highway, your car may break down or you might experience something supernatural. Some people on the island think that if you see a young girl, especially if she is wearing a red dress, it is the spirit of Pele, the goddess of the volcano. People say they have seen a lone hitchhiker on Saddle Road. Legend says if you see her, you should always pick her up.

Hilo Memorial (“Crying Babies”, “Babies Cry”) – In an old hospital in Kaumana, Hilo, the hallways of an old burned down hospital sometimes resound with distant, surreal cries. Years ago, a fire scorched the hospital nursery and there were many victims. The shell of the old hospital building still stands, as do the restless souls of the poor victims who still haunt it to this day. Click here to read my investigation report from a previous visit to this location.

Mauna Loa – This 13,680-foot-tall mountain is home to the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Madame Pele. Rumblings within the volcanoes on the islands are said to drive her out to warn people of impending eruptions. Reports of sightings of Pele span over two centuries. Her spirit appears along forest roads or in other public places. Although her age varies, she is always wearing a red muumuu and is usually accompanied by a small white dog. Two ruined heiau platforms, one at Uwekahuna Bluff and the other on Waldron Ledge, are said to contain spiritual imprints dating back to the times when human sacrifices were made to Pele.


Mookini Heiau



Mo’okini Heaiu – Mo’okini Heiau was for centuries the most important temple in the Big Island district of Kohala and much of its history has come to the present through oral tradition. The original temple was built near the end of the first millennium by Mo’okini, a local priest. It was subsequently rebuilt and enlarged, circa 1370, by Pa’ao, a priest who arrived from the south Pacific, bringing with him new gods, and the tradition of human sacrifice, a practice that endured for centuries after his death. Reports of the number of sacrifices range from hundreds to tens of the thousands, leaving a huge imprint of energy in the area.

Naniloa Hotel – Naniloa Hotel sits on the site of an old Hawaiian burial ground, and allegedly a night clerk at next door's country club had a firsthand view from his desk of night spirits trolling the hallways and outside area of the Naniloa. Reports say the apparitions were amazing and that they defied the laws of physics. This story is well known with locals on the Big Island. Also, sightings of an Edwardian-era lady who walks the area have been reported by local fisherman.

U.H. Hilo – Hale Kanilehua, Eerie Dorm – It was said that a house once stood where the dorm is now. During the demolition of the house, a boy was playing in the area and died. On the girl's side of dorm, the little boy was sighted on the ground floor. Sounds of the little boy walking up and down the hall, sounds of him talking and laughing, and the sound of his ball bouncing down the hall can be heard. There is a sound of whistling wind whipping through an unoccupied room, almost sounding like that of someone in agony, the feeling of being watched, toilets flushing by themselves, water turning on and off by themselves, things being moved, and sound of someone walking up and down hallway.

Hilo Hawaiian Hotel – The Hilo bay front has been hit by numerous tsunamis, two of the most devastating happened in 1946 and 1960. A guest at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel writes that they were awoken one night by bright lights bouncing around the room despite having a room facing the bay. The second night, the same guest asked that only “good spirits” visit them, and they awoke to find an apparition of a middle-aged gentleman wearing 18th century period clothing in the doorway.


Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel



Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel – An online review from July 27, 2010 by a previous guest reports a pretty startling experience. According to the person, a fisherman, he was awoken in the dead of night by the feeling of his blanket being tugged off. A ghostly apparition of a lady was standing at the end of his bed, materialized only from the knees up. He left the hotel immediately and spent the night on his boat, never to go back.

Hilo’s Haunted House – In Hilo, at the corner of Kilauea and Lanikaula Streets, a house once stood where strange things happened. Sightings of a 7- to 8-foot tall manly figure have been reported to occur here near sundown. Looking neither to the right nor to the left, saying nothing to anyone, he walks right off into the bushes and disappears. Whether the giant figure of a man is still seen in Hilo is unknown.

Aston Kona by the Sea – A couple was staying at the Aston Kona Inn (now called Aston Kona by The Sea) and on the first night one of the couple awoke in the dark for no reason. They looked at the room clock. It was 4:04 A.M. The following night, they awoke again. The alarm clock said it was 4:04 A.M. The last night they were there one person woke up again for no apparent reason. They were scared to look at the alarm clock but felt compelled…and it said 4:04 A.M. Maybe something happened there at 4:04 A.M. It’s hard to say for sure…but this report really makes you wonder!


Hulihe'e Palace



Hulihe’e Palace – Numerous sightings have taken place at Hulihe’e Palace in Kona. Visitors have reported witnessing a child ghost, possibly the young son of King Kamehameha III, Prince Albert, as well as the ghost of Princess Ka’iulani. A recent sighting during a ghost tour of a lady in a white gown occurred at the Palace, leading some to believe there are still spirits wandering the grounds.

Ola’a Boy in the Pond – There is a village on the Big Island known as ‘Ola’a. In 1947 a gang of neighborhood kids were playing on the shore of a local pond when one of them, named Tanaka, fell in and drowned. When they found the boy’s body, he was at the very bottom of the pond, sitting calmly upon a rock with his arms by his side, his eyes and mouth wide open. People have reported being tugged by some unseen force near this pond. Nowadays children are warned to avoid the pond, for fear of being pulled in.


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