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The Big Island is a place like no other!  There’s so much history and character embedded into the soil that there’s no reason NOT to visit this island!  Filled with hundreds of things to do ranging from relaxing to energizing activities on both the land and in the sea, Hawaii is definitely the place to be!  So here are 10 places that I think you should definitely consider visiting on your visit:

  1.     Hina Raeʻs

If you’re driving to Kona from the Hilo side or vice versa, you’re bound to have those pit stops.  For me, Hina Rae’s in Honoka’a is one of them.  In the heart of Honokaʻa town, Hina Rae’s offers a variety of food, drinks, and especially their Acai Bowls, it’s really hard to pass up the opportunity to try it!

  1.     Ka Lae (South Point)

Ka Lae is the southernmost point in the U.S.A., which is just the start as to why you should visit!  Iʻve lived on the Big Island for the entirety of my life, but it was only recently that I camped there.  I was really in awe of how much beauty the Big Island has to offer.  Although it’s somewhat of a lengthy drive, and 4-wheel drive is necessary at a few points, the amazing views you’ll experience makes it all worth it!

  1.     Volcano National Park

For anyone who is drawn more towards the land versus the sea, Volcano National Park is one place that will suit you perfectly.  With many hikes to venture on, it suits both the experienced and casual hiker just fine.  There is also the Jagger Museum, where you can learn about Hawaiian Moʻolelo (Ancient Hawaiian stories) and the secrets behind mother nature’s creation of volcanic eruptions.  All of this while having a beautiful view of Halemaʻumaʻu!

  1.     Wai ʻOpae

I know that many people come to the islands for the purpose of checking out the many sea animals while being in the warm waters of Hawaiʻi. Wai ʻOpae offers just that! With itʻs brackish water and contained ponds, you are guaranteed to witness sea life in Hawaiʻi as it is!  So be prepared with at least a snorkeling mask to encounter the beautiful sea life in Hawaiʻi.

  1.     Hapuna

A place very famous on Moku ʻo Keawe, Hapuna is the perfect beach to go to on the west side for family, friends, etc.  This white sand beach is so inviting, it will keep you there from dawn to dusk, and maybe even until sunset because that orange-pink sky is irresistible.  Hapuna, rough on high surf days, is a place you just CANʻT skip when you visit Hawaiʻi.

  1.     Waipiʻo

Waipiʻo is one of those places that’s just hard to describe; Itʻs THAT beautiful!  Many songs have been written about Waipiʻo, especially the waterfall located down there, Hiʻilawe.  Although you canʻt access it, Hiʻilawe is so big that you still get a wonderful view of it from the beach area.  Waipiʻo also offers multiple hikes, including one called the Z-trail that although can be challenging, the view is amazing!

  1.     Waiuli (Richardsonʻs Beach)

Commonly known as Richardsonʻs Beach, Waiuli, located in Keaukaha, on the East side of the Big Island, is the perfect place to visit if you want to dip your toes into the water.  With so much to do such as surf, snorkel, and play in the sand, Waiuli is a place meant for all walks of life!  Waiuli is one of the places I go to often because itʻs just a common place and a great place to go when the sun is out and the air is hot!

  1.     Aliʻi Drive

When youʻre on the Kona side of the Big Island, it is kind of hard to miss Aliʻi Drive.  The character that the shops, historical sites, and beaches have is what makes Aliʻi Drive so great.  I go there mostly during paddling season to race, and all those memories are filled with nothing but blue waters, and full smiles.  From Bubba Gump’s to Hulihe’e Palace to the beautiful blue ocean, Ali’I Drive is certainly one of my favorite places.

  1.     Rainbow falls

Another site to see when visit while youʻre on the Big Island is Rainbow Falls.  Rainbow Falls is a waterfall that is named simply because of the number of rainbows it creates.  Itʻs a beautiful site to see that you definitely wonʻt regret visiting!

  1.  ʻĀkaka Falls

Located in Honomū, ʻĀkaka Falls is a true beauty that can, once again, only be truly taken in through your own eyes!  Iʻm not too sure, but I think you can zipline through ʻĀkaka Falls out in Honomū, which I think is all of a more reason why you should visit that place!


About The Author:
 Aloha, my name is Lahela Rosario and I am currently a senior student-athlete at Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i, Kea'au Campus.  My soul is primarily made up of salt water, tacos, and jokes.  I love to leave my footprints in the sand, and hope to leave my footprint on the world.  I blame every decision I make on the fact that I am an Aquarius.  As you're reading this, I'm probably hiking to new heights, falling off a surfboard, or simply EATING!  My articles are an exclusive experience of Hawai’i through my eyes…

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