Worst Date: We had Reservations @ Hilo Bay Cafe @6:30pm. He picked Me up at My House an Hour Late!! Gave Me a Rose & a Flat Balloon!! Then we Stopped at Downtown Sack-n-Sav. I had gone in to the store, while he goes to the ATM! Came Out and walked Back to his Truck and He Locked his Keys in the Truck!! took another 45mins trying to unlock his Door with a “Wiiiiire Hanger!!”… Then off to “Hilo Bay Cafe”… He couldn’t Understand the Menu!! Breath Smelling Like Hot Ashstray!! …and at the End of Dinner, the Bill Comes… And Guess What?? ….I ended up Paying for the Bill!!! He realized his Debit Card was Expired and Couldn’t take out Money from the ATM.