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High School is one of those times in everyoneʻs life that can either make or break you. Itʻs a constant world wind of adventures leading up to your graduation. Here are a few things I think Iʻll miss after walking the graduation line and stepping into the real world…


My friends have been a constant for most of my life, and I canʻt imagine what it’s going to be like when I wonʻt be arriving at school and sitting at my usual table.  I can remember what it was like meeting each one of them like it was yesterday, especially my best friend. We liked the same boy, and ever since, we’ve been inseparable… Donʻt ask who won the boyʻs heart because we technically both lost, but gained a friendship that will last a lifetime in the process😉❤(*Whispers* I won).

  1. KANALOA (The name of our class)

I have gotten to know the majority of my classmates over the course of the last seven-plus years, and Iʻm not lying when I say that Iʻm blessed with the best! My class, Kanaloa, is set out to do extraordinary things that I know will impact the world in a positive way. I know Iʻll miss all the funny moments I got to share with them for sure! #kanaloamobetta 💚

  1. LUNCH

Lunch is probably the BEST thing about high school!  I mean donʻt get me wrong, education is of utmost importance, but there comes a time where teachers slam us with too much information!  I also love lunch mainly because I donʻt need to neccessarily pay for it, and itʻs genuinely good food! Except you, Turkey Ala King…  You can go home!

  1. The amazingly BEAUTIFUL campus

I am beyond lucky to attend Kamehameha School Hawaiʻi.  Itʻs really hard for me to explain the beauty that the school holds with an amazing view of our precious Mauna Kea!  It makes going to school a little bit more enjoyable.


Sports is one of the few things that I just know Iʻll miss about high school.  Even though I plan to play water polo at the collegiate level, one of the few things I love about high school sports is that even if youʻre junk at the sport, they still support you and encourage you!  Iʻm currently running cross country, and Iʻm by far the slowest one out there, trust me! But Iʻll still get that participation pin at the end of the year!👍😊

  1. Wednesdayʻs Fried Rice

If youʻve ever attended Kamehameha Schools, then you KNOW what iʻm talking about!  Thereʻs something about the fried rice that they serve for breakfast every wednesday, that just makes school so much better!  Sometimes I go to school primarily so I can eat that!  But once again, the education is great too!😇😇

  1. Being Cared For

In high school, we are constantly cared for whether we know it or not because the main goal is to be successful enough to get into college.  However, college is a place where you truly need to focus on YOUR success, and no teacher is going to care about you as much as they cared about you in high school.

  1. Imua week (Spirit Week)

Imua week is the BEST week during the school year by far!  No uniform, shorter schedules, activities after activies, and so on!  As Iʻm currently experiencing my last imua week of my high school career, Iʻve realized that these are the moments that Iʻm going to look back on.  Dressing up and representing my school is what I’m going to miss the most! Also, I’m definitely going to miss my girl classmates and how we dominate powder puff (flag football played by girls)!

About The Author:
 Aloha, my name is Lahela Rosario and I am currently a senior student-athlete at Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i, Kea'au Campus.  My soul is primarily made up of salt water, tacos, and jokes.  I love to leave my footprints in the sand, and hope to leave my footprint on the world.  I blame every decision I make on the fact that I am an Aquarius.  As you're reading this, I'm probably hiking to new heights, falling off a surfboard, or simply EATING!  My articles are an exclusive experience of Hawai’i through my eyes…

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