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There are countless quotes, statistics, and reasons as to why friends are extremely important.  The only way I can explain friend is that true friendship an involuntary reflex- it just happens! Over the past 17 years that I have been alive, Iʻve had my fair share of friends, and Iʻm sure you have too.  Here are 7 reasons why friends are crucial to life.

  1. Encouragement

Similar to my family, my friends are my #1 supporters!  For my senior year, I’ve made the extreme decision to run cross country, and if you don’t know me, I’m not a land lady; I’m a water woman for sure!  However, I didn’t hear anything but positivity from my friends, and I truly appreciate them for that because to be honest, they are the reason why I’m still running 3-plus miles EVERYDAY… Except Sunday (Thank you, God!).

  1. They’re honest

Last night, I was talking to my friend, Chalet, about the importance of honesty in friendship.  True friendship is all about honesty with each other, and the ability to be able to tell them anything; Even the things that are hard to say.  So this one is for you, Chalet!  Thank you for your honesty 😊❤

  1. They relate to you

Unlike your parents, your friends just instantly understand you and your struggles.  Friends are the people who you grew up with, the people that fought most of the same battles as you against the constantly evolving world.  They understand the struggles that I face more than anyone in this world, which is why they are important to have.  You always want to talk to someone who understands.


Everything I do with my friends is an adventure.  Sometimes theyʻre horrible in the moment, like locking your keys in your car, or sometimes they’re as great as us all trying to learn how to surf, or hiking in volcano.  You know that you’re friends when wherever you go, it will always be simply, an adventure.  All these adventures are essential because you look back on those time as either lessons or memories, and I feel like those are always the best.

  1. Diversity

Every friend you gain is different in some way.  Even if they're twins!  A couple of my closest friends are twins and they are polar opposites in almost every way.  Finding out new things about your friends is like a greatest discovery that anyone can encounter, as it is like peeling an onion and discovering more and more layers of them.

  1. Vital to your well being

I haven’t done research on it, but I’m sure that if you google search “Importance of Friendship”, a bunch of statistics and psychological studies will pop up.  It probably will talk about your brain functioning and reacting to certain things, and what not, but the biggest take away is that friends truly affect your feelings.

  1. They’re comfortable to be around

The importance of comfort within a friendship is that you never want to be afraid of who you are because you are scared you will be judged for your actions.  Of course there are times when friends have a difference of opinion, but true friends accept you for everything you are.

My friends are my everything, my backbone, my hope, and everything else you can think of that is important to survive life.  I’m truly thankful for my friends because without them, I would be nothing.  I would have no stories to tell and no life lessons to learn.  If you’re reading this, and someone comes into your mind, go and tell them how important of a friend they are, because without them, you would not be you.


About The Author:
 Aloha, my name is Lahela Rosario and I am currently a senior student-athlete at Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i, Kea'au Campus.  My soul is primarily made up of salt water, tacos, and jokes.  I love to leave my footprints in the sand, and hope to leave my footprint on the world.  I blame every decision I make on the fact that I am an Aquarius.  As you're reading this, I'm probably hiking to new heights, falling off a surfboard, or simply EATING!  My articles are an exclusive experience of Hawai’i through my eyes…

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