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Pu’uhonua o Honaunau – A city of refuge. Anyone breaking the ancient Hawaiian laws, the Kapu (taboo), was usually put to death. However, if the culprit could reach a city of refuge before being killed, he or she could work off their misdeeds there. It is said that the ghosts of some poor souls who never made it inside are still trying to make it into the sanctuary. Reports of sightings at this site vary from a 30ft tall specter that walks on water, to a traveling ball of light that moves throughout the park.

Kona Lagoon Resort – The Kona Lagoon was torn down in 2004 after sitting vacant since 1988. The story behind the demise of the hotel was that the hotel itself was haunted.  A story from the Honolulu Advertiser called it cursed.  “Surrounded by ancient temples and archaeological sites, it was built on the dwelling place of supernatural twin sisters, who took the form of lizards, according to Hawaiian legend.

Royal Kona Inn – The Royal Kona Inn sits on the ancient King’s Trail, where ghostly Night Marchers are said to march to and from battle. A report by a previous guest at the Inn stated they woke up in the middle of the night and felt as if they were being choked; a common report as far as supernatural Hawaii goes. Based on the advice of a local, the bed was moved out of the pathway and the incident was never reported to happen again.

Sheraton Kona – Employees at this resort say there are two little girls that play in the hallway of the hotel where the guest rooms are located.  The guests reportedly call security to tell them to stop, but the security guard has been getting that phone call for years and knows there is nothing he can do, as the girls are just ghosts. Others report a man that stands at the cliff in front of the hotel from time to time. He just disappears when you look away and then back again.


Night Marchers



Reports of the Night Marchers – Night Marchers are ghostly apparitions of a band of beings who move with purpose to the beat of pounding drums. Some say they are armed spirit warriors marching to or from battle, carrying ancestral weaponry and clothed in decorated helmets and cloaks. Other accounts tell of high-ranking ali'i (ruler) spirits being guided to places of high importance, or to welcome new warriors to join in battle. The legend of the Night Marchers was born when Hawaii’s pre-Tahitian inhabitants were spotted descending the mountains where they lived in order to avoid slaughter by the invading Tahitians. This is oral history recorded in the book, “Tales from the Night Rainbow”

Mauna Kea – The Big Island’s strongest vortex and most sacred cultural site, also the tallest mountain on earth measured from the sea floor to the summit. For centuries, Hawaiian royalty have been buried on the slopes of this mountain and it is unknown how many burial sites there really are.  Listed in the Hawai’i Vortex Field Guide as the strongest vortex on the Big Island, the area has an intense natural energy that makes it a hotspot for reports of supernatural sightings, such as UFO’s, “cloud ships”, and strange fireballs, known locally as the akualele.

Naha Stone – In 1775 Kamehameha proved his strength and power by overturning the Naha stone which weighed nearly five thousand pounds. According to prophecy, anyone who turned over the Naha stone would conquer all of the islands. Today the Naha stone rests in front of the Hawaii County Library in Hilo near the site of an ancient heiau.

Pu’ukohola Heiau (Hill of the Whale) – This heiau is said to receive its mysterious power from a natural spring at the base of the hill, which could contribute to the many sightings that have taken place here. In order to become king and unite all the islands in Hawaii, Chieftain Kamehameha was instructed by the prophet Kapoukahi to build a temple in honor of the war god Ku. Completed in 1791, Pu'ukohola Heiau was erected expressly for ceremonies related to war. The temple is said to be heavily haunted by those who were victims of human sacrifice.


Mackenzie Park



MacKenzie State Park – MacKenzie State Park, located in Opihikao on the scenic Red Road in Puna, is said to be one of the most haunted places on the Big Island. It has a slightly checkered history, including unsolved murders and reports of Night marchers. For years, local residents have reported seeing ghosts or experiencing strange unearthly phenomena, some of these occurrences even happening in broad daylight! People who take pictures at the park are sometimes baffled at mysterious objects appearing out of nowhere in some of the shots, including me! Local fishermen who fish at night have witnessed mysterious iridescent fireballs that bounce and roll along the surf and then disappear into the sea caves. Overnight campers have also reported seeing similar flickering green fires dancing around the park. Click here for my detailed supernatural investigation report from MacKenzie State Park.

Captain Cook – In the day the locals in Captain Cook, Hawaii do their thing exactly like anywhere other, but tormented ghosts of the past in this settlement don't appear to be determined to pack up and leave. Nighttime is un-departed time around here. This is the area where Captain Cook was killed by Kamehameha in battle. Folks who have never stayed for the night in this settlement may not be convinced of its superstitious history, but a stay here make anybody a believer.

Kona’s mermaid – If you’re ever in Kona, and you are looking to do some diving, chances are you will come across Jack’s Diving Locker. The diving company’s logo features a mermaid, and according to their website, the logo was inspired from a real mermaid sighting by one of their boat’s captain.





Kilauea Volcano – Kilauea volcano is the scene of many Pele sightings. Many people, residents and visitors alike, leave offerings to her, some to the dismay of park officials who clean up broken glass bottles of gin each year. Reports of Pele sightings are common on all islands; however most sightings occur at her home, the volcano. If you are lucky enough to see Pele, consider it a blessing. Just make sure you don’t take any lava or sand off island, or you might be seeing her again soon.

Heiau of the Mermaid – On the road to Ho’okena, near the ocean, there is a special heiau that not many people know about. One night, near this heiau, a witness reported seeing a golden glow forming into a small girl, who then disappeared beneath the waves in a mermaid-like fashion. Reports surfaced that the land’s former steward was sworn to secrecy regarding the heiau unless someone had a mystical experience there, being able to recall certain details, which the eye-witness did. Three different sightings of mermaids in this area have been reported.


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