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Are we already wrapping up January?  Dang was that quick!  Stores and supermarkets are already loading up on candy and flower arrangements to welcome the season of love for some…or the season of hope for others…and still for some it’s the season of “hurry up and get it over with.”

The big three of candy, flowers and jewelry are always obvious choices, but if you’re tired of the same old thing and want to get creative, look no further.  We’ve compiled a list of gifts that were actually given and happily accepted in Hawaii in years past.  Check it out

Ocean Delectable – So an ocean man went out and picked a bag of opihi and gave it to his girl on Valentine’s day.  TRUE STORY!  She showed it off on Facebook and used the very endearing hashtag of #betterthanflowers.  The fact that he braved the shoreline for them probably played a big role in the gift as well and she was obviously fond of the ocean treat.  Note to the gentlemen: not all women like opihi.  Hope that’s obvious but still an exotically clever gift.

Singing Telegram – Encourage your favorite music artist to put together a package of the big three (jewelry, flowers and/or candy) and add a touch of live music to it at your loved one’s work place and BAM…somebody’s getting lucky tonight (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Yeah, yeah, I know singing telegram’s don’t only happen in Hawaii but over the last few years, music artists Loeka Longakit and Preston Paulo have helped a lot of guys “get lucky” for Valentine’s day on the Big Island.

Volcano Tour – What could be more romantic than hot, steamy lava and the creation story? If you live on any island besides the Big Island, you’re out of luck here but if you're able to plan it early enough, it's quite a view to catch Madame Pele in all her fiery beauty.

Want to take it next level?  Add a helicopter ride or Zipline with Kapohokine Adventures and you’ve got a Valentine’s day that will be tough to top.

Seafood and Prime Rib – Umm has anyone ever been disappointed with seafood and prime rib?  And if you recall #7 from 9 Things To Know Before Dating A Local Girl, you’ll know that there’s nothing more automatic than this for Valentine's Day.

A couple of our favorite places on the Big Island include the Queen’s Court Buffet at the Hilo Hawaiian hotel on the East side and the Clam Bake at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the West side.  Want to step it up?  Add a little singing telegram to the mix to really lock down a memorable Love Day.

Love Coupons  – This idea isn’t exclusive to Hawaii but it will certainly pile up the brownie points for you with your valentine. Yes, I’m talking about “coupons.”  Design coupons that can be redeemed for a 30 minute massage from your mate or a night out for dinner or maybe something as seemingly insignificant as washing the dishes (if you’re in the same household).

You can be as creative as you want with it like giving up control of the remote for a night (ok, let’s not go that far) or going line dancing.  The more creative the better.  But the key to this truly working is follow through.  When the coupon is redeemed, follow through on the activity.  It’s simple and while it’s inexpensive, it delivers very high value.

And that’s a wrap on 5 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts If You Live In Hawaii.  So get moving because before you know it, the day will be upon you.

What creative and different Valentine’s Day gifts would you include in this list?

Have you given or received something that deserves attention? Share it with us in the comment section.

Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!