By: Being Local

It’s that time of the year again where you and I face the big holiday question of:

What gift do I give to friends and relatives that live in the states?  Well I’m here to shed some light on that with 45 gift giving ideas that say…Alooooha!

This completely unscientific list needed no science since I got these suggestions directly from senders and receivers of Hawaiian gifts. And no, lava rocks are not included on this list.

I’ll elaborate on the top seven and then list the rest.  Let me know in the comment section if I missed anything.  By the way, Christmas isn't the only time that people love presents.  Here we go.


  1. Li Hing Mui – The sweet, sour salty dried plum is usually the most requested treat during the holiday season.  Some prefer the li hing mango over the plum and then there are others who will request the li hing powder only.  Kids love the powder on fruits like tangerines and pineapple while adults get to throw it into their margarita for one taste-bud kicking holiday cocktail.Li Hing Mui
  2. Maebo One-Ton Chips – In the 1950’s Maebo family matriarch, Koto Maebo, decided to experiment with her wun ton pi (wraps for making Chinese wun ton) and created her very famous wun ton chip recipe. Her son Taketo played on the word wun ton now caling in “one-ton” and added the barbell lifting man to create the one-ton chips that we now know today.  This sweet and salty snack was a favorite among kids growing up on the Big Island and throughout Hawaii.Maebo One Ton Chips
  3. Macadamia Nuts – How could we do a list without talking about Macadamia Nuts (aka macnuts) and chocolate covered macnuts? While the mac nut originally comes from Australia, it is more famously known as a hawaiian snack.  Macadamia nuts are an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamin B, and phosphorus. Although they contain 73-80% fat, the fat is monosaturated or “good” and as acceptable as olive oil in many diets.  Get some!macadamia-nuts
  4. Rubber Slippers (Locals) – As staple footwear in the islands, the origin of “slippahs” comes from Hawaii’s Japanese influence.  It has transformed over the decades but it’s inexpensive cost and ease of use still makes it a favorite of many of our friends and relatives who live in the states. Rubber Slippers
  5. Hawaiian Coffee – Kona is obviously the most famous brands but some other very excellent Hawaiian coffees include Ka’u coffee. Kaua’i Coconut Caramel and Big Island Roasters Kazumurra Blend.  Coffee
  6. Big Island Candies – Numerous people that I asked made the claim that if you don’t get some Big Island Candies chocolate covered shortbread cookies, you haven’t tasted the Big Island.  Known worldwide for it’s creative combinations of sweet, sour and salty Hawaii snacks, Big Island Candies delectable delights will be sure to make your friends and family smile.Big Island Candies
  7. Hawaiian Food – Ok so I know it’s difficult to send laulau, or poi or kalua pig to your loved ones but it’s certainly not impossible.  And you know that you’ll be the favorite Hawaii cousin if you do somehow find a way to get it there.  Haupia mix now comes in little packets so you can get them some Hawaiian sweetness for the holiday season. Luau Plate


  1. Aloha Print Grocery Bags
  2. Won Ton Cookies
  3. Soda Crackers
  4. Hawaii Calendar
  5. Musubi Maker
  6. Liliko'i Butter/ Jelly
  7. Haupia Mix
  8. Hawaii Brand Clothing
  9. Noh Seasoning Packets
  10. Taro Chips
  11. Hawaii Starbucks Card
  12. Tomoe Ame Candy
  13. Giant Shrimp Chips
  14. Mac Nut Cookies
  15. Mac Mut Chocolate Candy
  16. Mochi Crunch
  17. Manapua
  18. Palaka Print Clothing
  19. Hawaiian Music CD's
  20. Portuguese Sausage
  21. Guava Jam/ Jelly
  22. Cream Crackers
  23. Donna's Cookies
  24. Dried Fish
  25. Furikake
  26. Hawaiian Rock Salt
  27. Rock Cookies
  28. Coconut Manju
  29. Pineapple? meh…
  30. Maui Caramacs
  31. Kauai Cookies
  32. Kukui Nut Leis
  33. Two Tickets To The Big Island
  34. Hawaiian Stickers for your car
  35. Rainbow Bread
  36. Wine From Volcano Winery
  37. Crack Seed
  38. Ukulele