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Parents…  They are the people that influence your life the most!  Gotta love‘em!  However, there are times when parents can be downright annoying to their teen.  Here are ten things that you do, parents, that absolutely irritate your teenagers:

1. Parents EMBARRASS their teen

I don’t know about you, but my parents EMBARRASS me! They sometimes exaggerate stories and take everything you do and blow it out of proportion to make it more of a humorous story.

2. Parents forget things…A LOT

This may happen for you or not, but a lot of times, my parents forget things.  I’ll admit, as a teen, I forget things such as doing dishes or taking something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner but when my parents forget, I can’t tell if they’re doing it on purpose or not.  For example, they tend to forget that they gave me permission.  I’ll ask if I can go and do something and they’ll say yes.  But when the day comes?  They don’t seem to remember at all!  And of course, the answer is almost always, no. ☹

3. They remember the things you want them to forget

Contrary to my previous point, another annoying thing parents do to teenagers is REMEMBER everything we do.  Usually remembering stuff would be a positive thing that parents do, but for me, at least, my parents tend to remember the horrible things that I do; Usually the things that teens try to erase from their memory.  I can remember when I first started to learn how to drive, I was NOT the best, and to this day, my parents constantly remind me of how bad I was in the beginning! Thanks, mom.

4. They tell your family EVERYTHING

Of course, when parents remember things, they always have to tell everyone else story.  I don’t remember a family event where my parents didn’t share an embarrassing story that happened to me; And my family has dinner together every Sunday!  So now it’s not just my parents that know all these embarrassing things about me, it’s my entire family.  (insert eye roll)

5. They try to fit into the new generation

Parents, let’s face it! You’ve grown up in a totally different generation! We get it!  You’re allowed to stick to that generation for certain things! For example, every time a new song comes on that my parents like, they remember the lyrics and start singing when it comes up on the radio!  I’m not sure why, but every time my parents start singing a new song in this generation, I instantly cringe.  Parents, please stop.  Just stay in your own generation.


6. The way they dress sometimes is… INTERESTING!

I’ll admit that my parents dress decently, and I’m nowhere near ashamed at the way they’re dressed when in public. But my friends are always talking about how  the clothes our parents sometimes wear are just…  NO!  I know you want to wear clothes that are comfortable but please…make sure they match.

7. There’s a point where too many questions are just TOO MUCH

I’m almost positive that every parent in the world wants their kid to be protected at every moment of their life. But at a certain age, playing “20 questions” with me when I’m simply going to the movies can just be too much.  It’s not like I haven’t gone to the movies with my friends by myself before and it’s not like my group of friends change that much. You know them and you know me…can we get a little bit of trust here? 😉


I don’t even NEED to say any more than that word! Most teens will complain about how dish duty is split unfairly! Our biggest complaint is not that we don’t want to wash the dishes, it’s when other people around the house use almost every dish they can find and then stack them up!   I believe in a very simple rule…You used it, you wash it…problem solved.

9. They always have the last say

It’s a catch-22 when it comes to arguing with your parents, but no matter what, they always need the last say.  If you are adamant about having the last say, you risk losing your freedom for a short period of time. However, if you let them have the last say, then you must ADMIT that they had the last say.  And that sucks.  Honestly teens, it’s better to just hold in your comments.

10. Social Media

Parents have a way of just making things uncool at times.  In this generation of technology and social media, they do just that!  I know a lot of my friend’s parents have social media, and my parents themselves have social media.  It’s okay until the point where they follow and comment on every single post that I post.  And then they comment on my friend’s post…ewww.  And to top it off, it’s always something embarrassing! And you parents wonder why your teens don’t want you following them.  Um, yeah…that’s why.

To end this, I just want to tell you, parents, that your teens love you! It’s hard to explain why we act the way we do, but you should know – you were young once too!  And to all the parents reading this… here is my one piece of advice to you, coming from a teen: Always tell your kid(s) you love them! In this society, love is key to a life filled with success!  So go home and tell your kid(s) you love them!

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