Ok as a parent on a rainy Saturday, I was desperate to find something for my kids to do besides attack each other and watch tv.

Then I thought to myself, what about some Christmas crafts?  So we embarked on our first craft of the season, a handprint Christmas wreath.  Pretty simple, and takes up a good amount of time for the keiki!

First Trace their hands on a thicker piece of card stock or cardboard to use as a guide.


Next use the hand prints as guides to trace out about 17-21 handprints (depending on size of hands) on 2-3 different variations of green construction paper.  After they are all traced, go ahead and cut them out!  Depending on the age of the child, you may want to assist in the cutting.  (But this is what takes up majority of the time you are trying to fill, so if you can have them cut, HAVE THEM CUT! lol

Once you have them all cut out, you will need the wreath guide.  A couple of ways you can do this.  Grab some cardboard or hard card stock.  Put a large circle plate and trace.  (I used the big paper plate) followed by a smaller plate for the inner circle.



Next, you will need some berries, self explanatory, have them draw and cut out some red berries!

step 4

Cut out the wreath guide and start to lay out the hands, kind of staggering them to give some body to the wreath.  Add the berries in groups of 3, and viola!


Now you have successfully made some Christmas artwork with your kids, but more importantly, you kept them away from the TV for another hour or so!  Yes, Victory Parents!  You can add some bows if you want to get all fancy and stuff!  Good luck, send us your kids crafts and we will feature it next!