1. Astronauts trained for their moon voyage in 1960 on Mauna Loa. The lava fields were believed to resemble the surface of the moon.


2. Surfing was invented by the first Polynesians who settled on Hawaii. The surfboards weighed more than 150 pounds, measuring up to 20 feet.


3. Hawai'i Island grows by roughly 42 acres each year, due to the active volcano.


4. Hawaii's state gem isn't actually a gem – but an animal. Hawai'i designated black coral as the official state gem in 1987. Black corals are animals (Family Antipathidae) that live in colonies up to 6 feet high.


5. Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. The word Kilauea appropriately translates to “spewing”.


6. Hawai'i has the highest life expectancy in the country, with the average resident living 81.3 years.


7. Hawai'i is the most isolated population center on earth. Hawai'i is located 2,390 miles from the state of California, 3,850 miles from Japan, 4,900 miles from China and 5,280 from the Philippines.


8. Hawai'i is home to 11 of the 13 world's climate zones.


9. Hawai'i has over 120 uninhabited islands and Hawai'i has 8 major islands.


10. Hawai'i has the most endangered species than any other state in America


11. Hawai'i is the worldwide leader in harvesting macadamia nuts and orchids.